10 Best-Selling Electric Vehicles and Hybrids in 2014


Pickup trucks and midsize sedans are still dominating the U.S. sales charts, but a funny thing is happening with electric vehicles and hybrids.

Their sales are exploding.

Plug-in vehicles featuring electric-only power are selling 50 percent better in 2014 than in 2013. U.S. buyers hungered for plug-ins even more in May, with the 10,833 unit sales marking a 90 percent increase over 2013 stats. Of course, there are more plug-ins available than ever before, but other reasons have to be cited as well. Perhaps the obvious, still inconvenient truth about a warming planet is finally making the rounds.

In any event, the shift toward more efficient vehicles has proved to be a boon for automakers who have cars and trucks with high marks in fuel economy and reasonable emissions. One perfect example is the Ford Fusion, a popular midsize sedan. Sales were up 15 percent in May for the Fusion overall, but a look at the hybrid’s numbers reveals the source of a major boost. Ford sold 4,641 models of the Fusion Hybrid in May, up 39 percent from the previous year. To paraphrase a line from Arrested Development, there’s money in that banana stand.

Here are the top ten in sales among electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids, and standard hybrids among U.S. consumers in 2014. Included are the MSRP before destination charge for each automobile. Not included are the state and federal tax incentives offered for electric vehicles. Many thanks to Green Auto Blog and GoodCarBadCar.net for the statistics.