10 Cars and SUVs That Are Priciest to Insure

Insuring a car that you’ve just bought is one of the biggest expenses associated with vehicle ownership. While the car itself plays a big role in determining how much someone pays for premiums, the driver’s gender, age, driving record, and so on all play crucial roles, as well.

Forbes compiled a list of the most costly vehicles to insure for 2014, based on data provided by Quadrant Information Services taken from six of the largest insurance providers. Be advised that depending on the state and the other factors mentioned, these figures could vary wildly, but Quadrant averaged the national figures for the most accurate possible amounts.

It’s also apparent that only mass-market cars were tallied. Specialty cars and exotics were not factored into the mix but likely run premiums far higher than the ones found here.

Based on those calculations and other research, here are the 10 most expensive models to insure for 2014.


10. Mercedes-Benz GL63 AMG

The GL is Mercedes-Benz’s (DDAIF.PK) largest SUV, and the GL63 is the high-performance version of the company’s biggest mass-market vehicle. It costs on average about $2,609 per year to keep insured. That’s not totally unexpected, considering that the 550-horsepower SUV goes for $118,000 at the very minimum. Despite it costing more than $200 per month, it’s not the most expensive Mercedes to insure — as we’ll soon see.