10 Cars and SUVs That Will Most Likely Cost Under $10K

People shopping for vehicles who are constrained to a budget generally look for cars priced at under $10,000, a fairly common threshold for used cars — so common, in fact, that many dealer websites will actually have pages built to filter out results over that amount.

So, what kind of car do you get for that kind of money? The guys at iSeeCars.com wanted to find out, and to do so, they employed their data bank of 30 million used car classifieds from 2013 and sifted through which cars were under $10,000. From there, they were able to determine the greatest percentage of used vehicles for sale that fell below five figures; for example, a Honda Civic has a 23.2 percent chance of falling under $10,000. Further, iSeeCars was also able to discern the average mileage on each vehicle.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the list was made up largely of American vehicles. “A reason why the list consists of mostly American cars may be due to the fact that those cars don’t retain their value as well,” Phong Ly, CEO and co-founder of iSeeCars.com said in the statement. “Also, the percentage for Honda Civic may be lower because of its popularity — there are a lot more Civics on the market than there are [Ford] Taurus’.”

Here are the ten most commonly found vehicles for under $10,000.