10 Cars Automakers Couldn’t Give Away in 2016

Fiat 500L

The least popular cars of 2016 were a mix of the ugly, the malfunctioning, and the impractical | Fiat

Some car segments hit the skids in 2016, and it’s easy to see why. There were hybrids that fought cheap gas and lost. On other cases, small cars got lost in the shuffle of trucks, crossovers, and the biggest, baddest SUVs of all. Though it seems impossible in a country that buys over 16 million new cars a year, some vehicles simply never find a home here.

Automakers have options when they watch a model struggle. One good idea is rushing out a mid-cycle refresh. Whatever you forgot to do in the first try, maybe you can add it for the upcoming model year and snag a few thousand more sales. However, there are some cars that are doomed from the start. No added tech or new paint colors will matter in the long run.

This post is devoted to the lost souls of the industry, the vehicles that need something — anything — to jumpstart their declining sales. Here are the 10 cars automakers couldn’t give away in 2016.