10 Cars That Probably Should Not Have Hit the Road

Like all other industries, automotive history has its instances where makers released products that left many completely unsure as to how they made it to production. However, because of the auto industry’s inherent exposure to the public, and the weight that rides on companies’ ability to create quality products, automotive flops tend to be more spectacular than most — and potentially more damaging to the brand responsible.

Here we’ve compiled a collection of 10 frequent offenders. Although these cars may have seemed right at the time, they probably should have been put under more stringent review — and at least a focus group or two, as nothing embodies “hindsight is 20/20″ quite like automotive miscalls.

Christopher Ziemnowicz

Photo Credit: Christopher Ziemnowicz

1. AMC Pacer

More denounced for its unusual styling than its actual performance as a car, the AMC Pacer is a classic automotive flop. Hagerty Insurance issued a poll asking for the enthusiasts to name the worst car design of all time, and the Pacer was bestowed with the unfortunate honor. In addition to its bulbous appearance, cheap materials and subpar build quality didn’t help the Pacer in the court of Public Opinion.