10 Long-Lasting Cars That Will Go the Distance and Then Some

Earlier this week, we published the “10 Toughest Trucks and SUVs,” a list made possible by data provided by the car classifieds site iSeeCars.com. By using a pool of 30 million classified ads published through its channels, iSeeCars.com is able to determine which cars — or trucks and SUVs — are staying on the road the longest, judging by the percentage of a certain vehicle with an odometer that has a reading of 200,000 miles or more.

“iSeeCars.com analyzed 30 million used cars listed on iSeeCars.com over the last year and studied the vehicles with models years between 1981 to 2010 and those with over 200K miles on the odometer,” the website said. “For each vehicle model, the number of 200K mile cars as a percentage of the total number of vehicles listed for the model was calculated; the number was then used to rank each model.”

Needless to say, General Motors (NYSE:GM) dominated the truck and SUV list; however, once SUVs and trucks are removed from the equation, the rankings shift dramatically in favor of Japanese manufacturers, as we’ll soon see. Remember, these are cars that have already driven 200,000-plus miles, not ones deemed most likely to.

“Many of today’s car owners like to see how far they can take their cars, whether it be for financial reasons or based on principle,” said Phong Ly, co-founder and CEO of iSeeCars.com. “And, unlike many cars from the 20th century, there are a variety of vehicles built these days that are made to — and will — go the distance.”

Here are the ten longest-lasting cars, per iSeeCars.com‘s data.


10. Subaru Outback

With 0.8 percent of the Subaru Outbacks for sale on iSeeCars.com, the wagon-turned crossover caps off the top ten cars with more than 200,000 miles on the clock. Subarus make ideal cars for outdoor enthusiasts, with their standard all-wheel drive, capable and practical interiors, and torquey boxer-format engines. It makes it all the more impressive, then, that so many vehicles subjected to the wilds live to see the big 200K.