10 of the Most Reliable Cars You Can Buy

2013 Toyota Sienna SE | Source: Toyota

2013 Toyota Sienna SE | Source: Toyota

Oh yeah, show me that automotive reliability study baby, because nothing says “desirable” quite like a car that won’t crap-out on you in a jiffy. In the past we’ve test driven seemingly indestructible vehicles like the hardcore off-road Toyota Tundra TRD-PRO, and for as sturdy as it felt, we couldn’t help but wonder how it will hold up in the long run.

In order to get today’s cheat sheet, info found in the annual Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS) was first utilized by J.D. Power in order to determine what cars are well-built and what is complete crap, and we were able to glean a few faves right off the top. So basically all of the customer/driver complaints from the past 12 months pertaining to vehicles from the 2013 model year were rounded up, and then J.D. Power ascertained which vehicles were being bitched about the least for reliability.

Overall scores are based entirely upon problematic areas in eight different vehicle categories, including exterior, seats, interior, features/controls/displays, driving experience, audio/entertainment/navigation, heating, cooling, and drivetrain.

While quite a few cars received abysmal overall scores from drivers, the 19 winners from the entire 2015 fiscal year were all the usual suspects one might expect, but with one notable exception. There was the typical sprinkling of European and Japanese automobiles throughout, but only GM was able to make the cut from America, which caused quite a few raised eyebrows on our end.

So here are ten of our favorites from J.D. Powers’ most recent list, all of which warrant consideration if you are looking for a used vehicle.