10 Mobile Apps for Drivers to Get the Most Out of Their Vehicles

Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images

Whether or not the Taxi and Limousine Commission, local police departments, and overpriced mechanics love them, mobile car apps are already a fixture of our lives. The usefulness of a mapping app is where the conversation begins, but there is no telling what the future will bring when it comes to new apps for drivers or passengers.

What’s certain is that consumers are winning with the car apps that have hit the market. From the ability to receive bids on repair services to the cross-referencing and price checks you can manage when standing on a car dealer’s lot, many of the the murky aspects of car transactions have been brought out into the light. A consumer’s chances of being hoodwinked plummet accordingly. It’s also a lot easier to get around, avoid traffic, and find gas at the cheapest rates in town.

Here are 10 mobile car apps that qualify as must-haves for drivers and in most cases passengers along for the ride.