10 Future Classic Cars Selling for Under $20,000

Source: Thinkstock

With classic cars going at auction for millions of dollars on a fairly regular basis, part of the fun for auto collectors is trying to determine which vehicles available in great numbers now will be worth large quantities of money later. It’s not as easy as one might think: Cars that are deemed a good investment, which will appreciate in time, are highly sought after as a result. Finding vehicles that are currently available for less money than they were new — say, under $20,000 — and will appreciate over time is especially difficult, but readers of Jalopnik took up the challenge.

These cars are priced at the whim of their current owners, and Jalopnik used eBay.com to find examples. As of this writing, these cars may or may not have been sold, but for many, it’s only a matter of playing the waiting game until the right vehicle comes along at a reasonable price.

The site asked its readers about the cars they believed would appreciate over time, provided that they were available for less than $20,000 now. Jalopnik then chose the most popular answers. Notably, the pictures displayed may not match the exact vehicle discussed, but we tried our best. Here are the top 10.