10 SUVs to Steer Clear Of in 2014

Knowing which cars to buy is important, but perhaps almost equally important is know which cars not to buy, considering it’s such a big purchase for many people. Fortunately, Consumer Reports, one of the most respected reviewers of products in the United States, has us covered on both fronts.

Before we go any further, it’s worth noting that these days, there isn’t necessarily a “bad” car — some are worse than others, but comparatively speaking, for the average consumer, there are few bad choices of vehicles compared to, say, the 1970s or 1980s. Cars have come a long, long way in terms of safety, build quality, reliability, efficiency, and just about every other measure.

Nonetheless, some cars do have their strengths and all cars have their weaknesses, so depending on what you’re shopping for, those are good to keep in mind. Consumer Reports has listed what it believes should be the cars best left alone for 2014, and here are the SUVs and crossovers from that list that didn’t make it up to par. They are ranked in terms of size and category, not by best to worst.


1. Jeep Compass

Though its Wrangler and Grand Cherokee continue to do quite well, Jeep’s (FIATY.PK) smaller offerings have struggled at the hands of reviewers and critics. Some of that might be image — the smaller cars shed Jeep’s renowned off-road reputation for a more urban and comfort-oriented approach, which many feel doesn’t fit the brand. Consumer Reports apparently thought so, and it listed Jeep’s smallest offering as one to stay clear of for this year.