10 Top Cars and SUVs for Taking on the Snow


Those accustomed to winter driving can understand the importance of having the appropriate car. “When all four tires are working to move a car forward, each requires less traction,” Kelley Blue Book explains. ”And when one tire does slip, there are three more to shoulder the load, not just one. That, in a nutshell, is why all-wheel drive is good in the snow, and so popular in the highest and northernmost parts of the country.”

Here were the 10 top picks that Kelley recommends for winter driving. Notably, we swapped out the Ferrari FF for the Volvo XC70, since the FF and its $300,000 price tag is generally out of reach for the average buyer. Nonetheless, we’re sure it’s a fantastic car. The following are not ranked by any particular measure, and this is far from a comprehensive list. What do you drive?