10 Trucks That Charge Through Snow With the Best of Them

2017 Ford Raptor

The trucks built for snow are a mix of familiar faces and exotic brands | Ford

We’ve come a long way since four-wheel drive was exotic. Good luck finding a four-door Subaru without it, and any SUV or pickup worth its salt better have it as an option. But it takes more than decent traction to charge through a foot of snow without running into problems. For that, you are going too need plenty of clearance, advanced tech, and tires built for the job.

You’ll be surprised how far some of the badass trucks will go to do this for drivers these days. In researching the most fearsome pickups and utility vehicles around, we found trucks that would be just as comfortable going to war as tackling a climb for a ski trip. We had to strike a balance between rides built for Balkan warlords and the winter-ready vehicles available at a few U.S. dealerships. (Someone had to do it.)

Here are the 10 trucks that can tackle ice, snow, and possibly anything else you could encounter on the road.

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