11 Cars for the Outdoor-Minded Family

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Nothing beats packing up the car, loading up the family, and heading to the beach or mountains for an outdoor adventure. Typically, the consummate family vehicle these days is the SUV, which offers a terrific blend of space, power, and capability; it’s ideal for both families and outdoor enthusiasts. There are also plenty of pickup trucks that provide extra cabin space, of course, along with a bed and the ability to tow that give families another option. But there are also smaller, more versatile options in the form of wagons and cars that can match up on many levels with their larger counterparts.

There are, of course, some advantages that come with cars and smaller vehicles over trucks and SUVs. Stronger fuel economy, more versatility, and higher speeds headline the list, and in many cases, lower sticker prices. For the family that loves the outdoors, the options are extensive. Whether your family likes to go surfing, snowboarding, or kayaking, there are cares built for your tastes.

Here we take a look at eleven of the best cars that are fit for families that love to hit the outdoors. The list is in no particular order, and all the vehicles have space, power, and comfort taken into account to earn their spot on this list.

Read on to see the eleven best vehicles for families that love the outdoors.