10 Production Cars That Hit 0-60 the Quickest

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Source: Dodge

Source: Dodge

A big deal is made over a car’s top speed. For a long time, that was the basis for measuring the true capability and performance of a vehicle. But as cars continue to get faster, that’s becoming a less and less practical method of measuring a vehicle’s mettle — simply because with performance cars nowadays, there’s simply nowhere to actually achieve such a speed outside of a small handful of very select locations.

Put it this way: the Bugatti Veyron, the modern icon for all things fast, was tested at Volkswagen’s private test track which has a five-mile straight of pristinely paved tarmac. In it’s cruise to over 260 miles per hour, it used most of it — getting up to that speed takes an enormous amount of space.

A better measure, perhaps, is how quick a car is versus how fast. Quickness is measured in the time it takes to get to a certain speed, often 60 miles or 100 kilometers (62 miles) per hour. Generally, it doesn’t take nearly as much space to accomplish this, and the places to rip the vehicle through its paces are bountiful. It’s also a more practical measure in terms of racing, there the ability to get up to speed coming out of a corner can make or break the race.

It should be noted that international cars generally go by the 0-100 kilometer scale, which equals 62 miles per hour, whereas American vehicles will use 60 as the standard. This makes comparisons more difficult, and for the purposes of the list, we’ve considered them to be roughly the same. Also, this list is limited to unmodified production cars, with more than 100 units produced, explaining the exclusion of some vehicles you might expect to see, like the Hennessey Venom GT, or every Koenigsegg ever.

Here are the 10 quickest production cars that can nail 0-60 sooner than any other.