5 Big Tasks on Tesla’s To-Do List

On May 7 after the closing bell, Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) released its earnings report for the first quarter of 2014, and by and large, it exceeded expectations — but not to the satisfaction of its investors, who gave the stock a sound thrashing the next day, closing down 11.3 percent, or $22.76 per share.

By all measures, Tesla is making headway. The controversial sales of zero-emissions credits, which carried the company into the black in the past, have been removed from the equation, and despite the company’s loss of $50 million on a GAAP basis, that’s considerably better than some of the reports we’ve seen in the past. Tesla is clearly gaining traction, and more impressively, it’s doing so with one model on the market.

Despite the headway, Tesla now faces its biggest challenge yet: taking everything that it has developed through its startup phase and ensuring it is able to remain in business. Tesla arguably hasn’t faced its greatest challenge yet, and the next couple of years will probably consist of a whole lot of trial and error for the company. But if any company has shown the world that it’s capable of such achievements, it’s the little electric car maker based in Fremont, California.

Here are just a few big things on Tesla’s calendar that it will be grappling with in the next several years.