5 Fastest Jaguars of All Time

Jaguar F type

Legendary British car maker Jaguar (NYSE:TTM) has been designing and building world-class sports cars for more than ninety years. Having produced vehicles under several different ownership groups, the company now finds itself under Tata Motors, along with Land Rover. As one of the world’s premier automakers, Jaguar has become a leader in pushing the envelope in terms of vehicle design, innovative engineering and blistering speeds.

Over the years, as car designs have morphed from one trend to another, Jaguar has been able to make the most out of its talented engineering department by creating cars that not only compete with the best, but that have been able to set benchmarks of their own. Throughout the decades, Jaguar has set marks for having the fastest car in the world, along with other vehicles that are able to accelerate from 0-60 mph at mind-blowing velocities. Looking into the future, the company has its eyes set on higher efficiency standards, hybrid technology and finding a way to blend both of those with top speed.

The current slate of Jaguar cars available leaves consumers with a variety of options and styles to fit their preferences. The last few years have seen some of Jag’s fastest cars to date hit the market. But how about speed over the years? We’re taking a look at some of Jaguar’s fastest cars to ever hit the streets anywhere in the world, and it might be surprising just how fast some of these vehicles can go. While we excluded concept cars that would have otherwise found their way into the top five, the models that do populate the list are impressive in their own right.

Read on to see Jaguar’s five fastest models of all-time.