6 Electric Motorcycles Ready to Battle Any Gas Bike

Electric vehicles like the Tesla Model S and Fisker Karma changed the auto world’s mind about green cars in a flash. In the motorcycle department, a two-wheeler packing 200 horsepower to move 495 pounds of hardware has done a similar job of shifting the way racers now think about power on a bike. An electric two-wheeler currently holds the title of fastest bike on the road among production models.

Despite a recent block of an extension on electric motorcycle tax credits, most people expect incentives up to $2,500 to return before the end of 2014. They couldn’t come soon enough. From deluxe electric bikes to basic models that provide thrills on a smaller scale, here are six motorcycles that give riders all they could want in a battle with gas-powered bikes.


Empulse R 2014

6. 2014 Brammo Empulse R ($18,995)

The Empulse R from Oregon-based Brammo has the industrial chic look you’ll find in European bikes along with the first drivetrain designed specifically for use in a production electric motorcycle. Maximum 54 horsepower and 66 lb-ft of torque power the e-bike that weighs in at 460 pounds and comes with dual floating-disc front Brembo brakes and single-disc rear Brembo brakes. City range maxes out at 128 miles, while riders wanting to open up the Empulse R can shoot for the top speed of 110 mph. This model had $2,500 of tax credits available before Congress let them expire at the end of 2013.