6 Electric Vehicle Ads That Make a Brilliant Case for EVs

Though hybrids and all-electric vehicles are now fixtures of the auto industry, it has been an uphill battle for the segment since the turn of the 21st century. Range anxiety was to blame for some consumer skepticism, but so has the reputation of certain cars (say, the Toyota Prius) that left style at the door in favor of practicality. Tesla Motors has had a major influence on the shift in perception of electric vehicles, but other factors have helped as well.

Take marketing campaigns. Automakers that needed a way to convince consumers of the value, sexiness, or usefulness of electric cars have turned to agencies to produce television or online ads to get their point across. Without sounding preachy or pretentious, a few creative teams have nailed the message for battery-powered cars. Here are six electric vehicle ads that made a great case for the EV industry as a whole in recent years.

6. Chevy Volt: Baffling Aliens

GM took a clever approach to disseminating information about EVs with this commercial that aired during Super Bowl XLVI in 2012. While extraterrestrials marvel over the battery pack of the Volt in the garage, the exasperated owner explains once again that, indeed, it runs on electricity for several dozen miles before it switches over to gasoline power. The aliens are impressed, which draws a smile, but it makes the Chevy Volt seem like a technological wonder worth exploring.

This ad made its point with style while never approaching a preachy tone. It also made electric cars seem like something your neighbor might have in the garage next door (i.e. something normal).