6 Reasons to Respect Tesla as a Company, Model S Aside

Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA) is, without a doubt, one of the greatest movers and shakers in the last several decades not just in the auto industry, but in engineering and technology as well. Its first car, the Roadster, proved that not all electric cars were golf-cart slow and absurd looking. Its second car, the Model S, has proven that electric cars can indeed be fairly matched against their gasoline counterparts. But we’ve only seen half of the Tesla show; there’s two more cars in the pipeline, and any number beyond those.

But at about $207 per share, Tesla is also among one of the most over-valued companies on the public exchanges, trading with a market cap of $25.7 billion — practically bubble-like given that it has churned out, at most, just over 22,000 units per year. Investors are instead betting on Tesla’s future, its products not yet released, and its ability to shape an industry cast aside by the auto making giants that have so left electric vehicles neglected for so long.

The Model S — currently Tesla’s only product on the market — is an amazing feat of engineering. It’s among the safest cars on the road, requires no oil changes or timing belts, and is a technological tour de force in virtually every way. Also, it can seat seven people, travel about double the range of other mass-market electric cars, and is among the most beautiful cars on the road.

However, the Model S is only one aspect of a company that has done more to change the business landscape in America virtually any other company in the last several years. No other company has shown such potential to shake up its respective industry like Tesla has, and putting the Model S aside, there are a number of reasons to love the company itself — not just the car. Here are some of them.