6 Unique Vehicles That Have Graced ‘Jay Leno’s Garage’

As far as car enthusiasts and collectors go, there is perhaps no greater authority on the subject than Jay Leno, who has been able to successfully leverage his fame and late-night talk show celebrity into creating a popular Web series featuring not just cars, but vehicles in general, from motorcycles to a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress.

Most collectors play favorites (and Leno is likely no exception) but part of what makes Jay Leno’s Garage series special is that he can find something he likes in every car that passes through his space — and there have been hundreds. Several hundreds, even. Best of all, many of the videos are on his website or YouTube for the public to enjoy, free of charge.

We spent some time perusing these videos to find some of the unique and more offbeat vehicles that Leno has had on his show, and let’s just say that it’s among the more daunting of tasks. The sheer volume of rare vehicles makes the choice nearly impossible, but we highlighted a few that we thought were worthy. If you know of others, leave a comment with a link below.

1. Twin-Engined Mini Cooper

Mini Coopers aren’t always thought of as performance cars, but perhaps that’s because they need a second engine. That’s what Jaques Andres thought, and to remedy the problem, he shoe-horned a second Mini Cooper engine into the rear of a 2002 Mini, effectively making it a twin-engined track monster. Andres says that he essentially just mirrored the setup from the front, fabricating the mounting points, a cooling system, and putting front suspension in the rear, as well.

Interestingly, the engines are started individually — that is, they don’t start at the same time. The Mini apparently pulls 500 horsepower combined, 250 horsepower each, but Andres is still working on the fuel management aspects (at least when the video was made), which is a challenge given that it has two gas tanks, two of … well, everything, almost. Check out the video above to hear the mental noise coming from this crazy machine, if nothing else.