7 Fastest Production Electric Vehicles From 0-60

What’s the point of a blazing electric vehicle if you need a mad scientist to power it up every morning? Indeed, the most blistering battery rides have fallen into the category of interesting but not viable over the years. The good news is automakers from Porsche to BMW have recognized the sexiness and speed capabilities of electric powertrains.

As a result, there are electric cars finally showing up on the lists of fastest cars in the world. Furthermore, automakers are not embarrassed about adding electric motors to cars once considered the ultimate in luxury and performance. Everyone loves a supercar, no matter what powers it.

Here are the seven fastest electric vehicles either in production or about to go into production in the coming year. If the car is a hybrid with electric-only range, the car’s 0-60 time is considered only when powered by its electric motors.


7. Fisker Karma (7.9 seconds in “Stealth Mode”)

After production delays, public embarrassments and the like, Fisker did manage to get its plug-in supercar on the road. By the end of its run (which ended in bankruptcy), about 2,500 models of the Karma sold. The Karma offered 403 hp from two electric motors that allowed the supercar to offer a “stealth” setting that ran quiet yet fast. In that setting, the Fisker could go from 0-60 in 7.9 seconds.