7 Strange Motor Sports You Have to See to Believe

Source: YouTube/Dixie Dirt draggers

Source: YouTube/Dixie Dirt draggers

Drag-racing motorcycles made of farm equipment? Summertime snowmobiling? How about tractor-trailer drifting?

Since mankind’s earliest days, the need for speed has always been a powerful force with swiftness of foot granting either survival or death centuries before horses were bridled and motors were conceptualized. But over the years, this adrenaline rush began to morph into something else entirely, as humans began to challenge one another in order to see who was faster.

By the time horses were domesticated all bets were off as to who was fastest, as a man’s legs were no longer the deciding factor, and as the chariot transformed into the motorcar a whole new kind of adrenaline junkie was born. Unlike horses, motorized machines could be built and modified to a driver’s preferences, and as technologies and engineering advancements grew so did the top speeds and the creativity which made it all possible.

But somewhere along the line, something went a bit haywire. A malignant mutation of the motorized mechanics that purists hold dear began to form and bored enthusiasts found new ways of tampering with old ideas. Going in an oval with tarmac beneath you and a pit crew waiting in a paddock isn’t for everyone, and either by coincidence, accident, or defiance, automotive enthusiasts have taken unsuspecting forms of transportation and modified them into some pretty insane styles of racing.

So after poking around on the interweb for a few hours, we’ve come up with seven insanely strange forms of racing that we think would be an absolute blast to watch as a spectator. Granted, you might have to leave the country and sell a kidney in order to attend a few of them, but being an enthusiast sometimes requires sacrifices.