7 Tips for Squeezing More Miles From Every Gallon

Gas, Gasoline, Gas Pump

Over the past few years, gasoline prices have seen its share of ups and downs — mostly ups, though. As it happens, the interest in more fuel efficient vehicles has sky rocketed to the point that manufacturers are having trouble keeping up with the ever increasing demands for higher miles-per-gallon ratings.

However, there are numerous strategies that can be employed to make the most with the vehicle you have. Wayne Gerdes, known for coining the term “hypermiling,” knows all about that — 80 miles per gallon from a Ford Ranger, 180 from a Honda Insight. That kind of performance takes immense dedication, but there are many things you can do to stretch your tank at least a bit further.

Still a skeptic that any meaningful improvement can be made to your daily driving routine? Check out what happened when some dedicated individuals were able to do with a Volkswagen Passat TDI: 77.99 mpg, during a 14-day trip around the country for 8,122 miles in total. That’s a full-size family sedan that is at best rated for 43 miles per gallon.

We combed the Internet for some tips to help you, the enduring commuter, get more miles out of fewer gallons. Some techniques were a bit extreme or uncontrollable (‘avoid bad weather’) while some were downright dangerous (though its proven to work, we can’t in good consciousness recommend drafting behind a semi on the freeway.) Here were seven suggestions that we believe are perfectly reasonable and will more than likely help drop your car’s fuel consumption.