7 Unusual Vehicles That Suffer from Confusion

The Chevrolet Tahoe is most definitely an SUV. The Mazda Miata is most definitely a car. The BMW X6? That’s a bit harder to say for sure. The desire to cross-pollinate strains of car DNA has led to some pretty wacky creations that try to blend the versatility and utility of an SUV with the sprightly reflexes of a sports car. Or any car, really, that doesn’t handle like a loaded semi.

Some cars, like the aforementioned X6, have been rather successful in this pursuit. The X6 is based on the X5, but has been tweaked to perform in a more athletic nature. Other cars, like the Acura ZDX, gave the formula a shot but was met with a less enthusiastic welcome.

We decided to take a look at other vehicles that suffer from the same type of genre confusion. We can’t say they’re the sexiest vehicles on the road, or the most practical. But they are distinct and unusual in their own right, and for that we commend them. Here are seven of those vehicles.

Source: BMW

BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo

The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo seems to be the answer to the question that no one was really asking. Built on the normal 5 Series platform, the GT has a strange elevated rear with a hatchback-style trunk lid that makes for easier loading and unloading. While it may be more practical than the standard sedan, BMW felt there should be a genre-bending option between that and its family of SUVs. Hence, the 5 Series GT — which starts at a lofty $60,000 — was born, for better or for worse.