8 Awesome Discontinued Cars That We Want Back

honda s2000

Source: Honda

Automotive history is littered with great cars. They’re the ones that make us say “they don’t make ’em like they used to,” and trick us into thinking that the automotive equivalent of the “good old days” has somehow passed us by. While legendary nameplates like Mustang and Corvette have never left us, and others like Continental and NSX are on their way back, there are plenty of cars that disappeared into the ether that we need now more than ever.

Today, cars have never been safer. Gas and horsepower both come relatively cheap, and the ascendency of Hybrids and EVs all contribute to one of the most exciting and rewarding eras of automotive history. But nostalgia aside, there are plenty of older cars that met an untimely end and frankly deserved better. From supercars to pickup trucks, cars of every shape and size have left unexpected gaps in today’s automotive market, and new versions would make this golden era even greater.

Here are eight long-gone cars that we think need to make a comeback.