8 Glimpses From Corvette’s Journey Through History


Source: Chevrolet

As Chevy’s fastest Corvette ever is set to hit the streets, we’re taking a look back at the Corvette’s history to better understand the legacy behind General Motors’ leading performance machine. The Corvette you see today is not a juiced-up sports car made with leftover bits from the GM parts bin: It is the culmination of decades of engineering hits and misses that, like all vehicles, are honed to a fine edge.

Indeed, the Corvette Stingray has proven to be an enormously popular vehicle among critics and has garnered praise from just about all who have driven it. It’s been ranked on Car & Driver‘s 10 Best List, was named Automobile Magazine’s Automobile of the Year, and they generally sell faster than General Motors can make them.

Here are some of the most crucial Corvettes going back to 1953, which best show the evolution of America’s favorite performance car. You can check out Edmunds.com’s full write-up here.