8 Noteworthy Cars From the Geneva Motor Show

With the Geneva Motor Show in full swing, automakers from around the globe have their wares on display for the world to enjoy, and observers and analysts are getting a good idea of what can be expected from them down the line.

There have been numerous new introductions since the show started on Sunday, some of which will be coming to the United States and many that will not. And while the Chicago Auto Show in February was centered around practical and utility-based vehicles, Geneva is all about speed.

McLaren, Koenigsegg, and Bugatti have made appearances with new cars, Jeep has a new compact crossover, and Mini has revealed a new Cooper Clubman Concept, which indicates that Minis are not so mini anymore.

Check out what those cars have to offer and more in the following pages. Here are eight cars that are basking in the spotlight in Switzerland.