8 Safe and Sensible New Cars for the Rookie Driver in the Family

For most people with kids, age 16 is arguably the most terrifying year in parenthood due to one factor above all: your teen, provided they obtain proper licensure, can legally operate a motor vehicle in the big, scary world of drunk drivers, careless or negligent operators, superhighways, cyclists and pedestrians, and all other sorts of hazards that come as a part of the territory. As a parent, it’s only natural to ensure that your child enters this world as gracefully as possible.

Cars.com has some recommendations for vehicles that can help ease the transition and appeal to teenage finances — inexpensive cars that are cheaper to insure, don’t guzzle gas, but provide reliable and safe transportation. “From a pool that included our Best Bets and all the newer cars we’ve driven since, we considered coupes, sedans, convertibles, hatchbacks, SUVs, and regular-cab pickup trucks that cost less than $20,000,” Cars.com said. “Top criteria included overall value and safety features, but our experts also considered gas mileage, exterior styling, and interior comfort.”

Most folks will likely go the used route for a teen’s first car, in fact the vast majority do. But if you’re feeling especially generous, or if you’re a first time driver reading this now, Cars.com has a selection of new cars that it believes would be the best bets for you — based on the aforementioned criteria.