8 Trucks With Best-in-Class MPG for 2014

America’s trucks, SUVs, vans, and wagons are the workhorses of the vehicle class. They get events populated, bring crews to work sites, and allow for goods to be hauled. The downside is they take large amounts of fuel to do their jobs. Since gas prices don’t go down and the world’s atmosphere hardly needs any more emissions, drivers are looking for a solution that allows them to handle their business without getting stung at the gas pump on a weekly basis.

To help with the effort, Fueleconomy.gov compiles stats on all the vehicles on U.S. roads in order to let drivers know which are offering the best gas mileage in each class. Even though cars get far better mileage than larger vehicles, every dollar and bit of carbon counts. Here are the eight trucks with the best-in-class mpg for 2014.

Note: The EPA classifies all SUVs, pickups, vans, wagons, and multi-purpose vehicles as trucks.


8.  GMC Savana 1500 (14 mpg) : Best Passenger Van (tie)

The GMC Savana is one of the vehicles that can be seen hauling kids to soccer games as well as groups to social outings. Savanas are also excellent vans for hauling cargo and making work projects go smoothly. At $30,970, there may be more affordable vans on the market, but none are topping this GMC model in terms of fuel economy. It tied with two other vans for best-in-class (though poor) 14 mpg overall and 17 mpg highway. At $6.55 per 25 miles, the Savana may not sound like a bargain to operate, but it’s as good as it gets.