9 Automobiles on Fire in 2014

After a frigid Winter 2014, automakers are picking up the pieces while they survey which vehicles were capable of getting U.S. consumers onto chilly dealer’s lots. On the whole, the results showed the Detroit Three’s lock on the top spots held with pickups driving the industry. Ford, Honda, Chevy, and Toyota basically owned the rest of the spots in the top 20.

Among automobiles that showed the most remarkable gains when compared to early-year action in 2013, foreign automakers saw their sporty cars and SUVs topping the list in the United States. From familiar luxury brands to the hot affordable crossover segment, these nine automobiles showed the strongest increase in sales totals in the early months of 2014.

mazda6_011. Mazda6 ($20,990)

Though the Mazda6 sedan placed well down on the list of overall sales in the U.S., its gains over sales from early 2013 were remarkable. The 7,117 units moved by Mazda dealers in January and February 2014 represented a 46-percent jump over the stats from the year earlier.

Sporting the 2.5-liter Skyactiv G engine that weighs less and offers a 13:1 compression ratio, the direct injection system delivers 40 mpg on the highway for drivers. Heavy Mazda ad campaigns throughout the 2014 winter have made U.S. consumers aware of the Skyactiv advantages. In fact, auto industry competitors agree. Toyota recently contracted with Mazda to put smaller Skyactiv engines in its next line of subcompact cars. The Mazda6 offers a peak 184 horsepower on 185 lb-ft of torque.