Against the Odds: The 10 Top Selling Vehicles of June

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

If you’re an automaker, chances are Wall Street was betting against you going into the June sales month. But on a side note, there’s a good chance you outperformed expectations — that seemed to be the theme for June, as nearly every major automaker surprised projections with better-than-expected sales performance during what was said to be a rather depressed month.

General Motors (NYSE:GM) was expected to show a decrease year-on-year of 6.3 percent. But the company, working it’s way through the largest single-year spate of recall campaigns in automotive history, actually tacked on 1 percent for the month. Toyota (NYSE:TM) also eked out a gain, spurred by a 10.1 percent surge at Lexus, despite two fewer selling days during the period when compared to a month ago.

Nissan and Volkswagen, however, were dragged down, though Fiat Chrysler Automobiles leapt 9.2 percent, trouncing estimates calling for growth of just 5.9 percent. Honda (NYSE:HMC) fell by 5.8 percent, but it was far better than the 7.4 percent that analysts were anticipating. Ford (NYSE:F) similarly fell 5.8 percent, with projections calling for declines of 6.6 percent.

According to TrueCar data, the average transaction prices for vehicles sold in June actually dropped by 2.2 percent month-over-month to $32,281 — down about 1.4 percent over June of last year, as dealer incentives continue to inch upwards, said.

Here are the 10 biggest sellers from last month for your browsing enjoyment.