Back-to-School Best Sellers: The 10 Best-Selling Vehicles of August

Source: Thinkstock

Last month, sales from the world’s seven largest automakers increased by 5.1 percent over August 2013, lending credence to the notion that the American auto industry remains healthy as summer begins to wrap up. Chrysler’s Jeep brand saw a 48 percent gain in volume over last year, as Nissan saw a 15.2 percent increase during the month. The Ford brand eked out a 0.48 percent upswing, while GM saw gains at GMC, but declined 1.24 percent for the month overall.

Honda, however, was a real standout due to increased promotional activities — something the brand is known for avoiding. The brand managed to tack on a 1.45 percent gain, though that fell well behind Toyota’s 5.72 percent surge. Overall, auto sales are at some of their highest rates since mid-2006, and the Seasonally Adjusted Sales Rate (or SAAR) now sits at an estimated 17.5 million units for the year.

The average transaction price per car, according to, fell to $32,404, down $245 from the average from August of last year, due to increased promotional activity. “With new cars taking longer to sell in August than a year ago and overall new-car inventory up versus a year ago, automakers and dealers may have felt that they had to grease the skids a bit more, specifically, with an average $568 more grease per car,” said.

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