Ford’s 2015 F-150 Sees Its Prices Leap by as Much as 8 Percent


It’s no secret that the prices of vehicles have been crawling north for some time, due either to inflationary factors, more technology, a company’s greater ability to command higher prices, or all of the above. But no segment has seen an upward swing quite the way that pickup trucks have — what were once vehicles prided on their no-frills attitude and a hardcore work ethic can now approach $70,000 and offer as many amenities as a similarly priced Cadillac. Luxury trucks in the past, like the Lincoln (NYSE:F) Blackwood or Cadillac Escalade EXT, haven’t been met with great sales success — but trends are indicating that feature-loaded, $50,000-vehicles have their place in the market. A big one, too.

For its part, Ford’s anticipated 2015 F-150 — which for the first time features a body made of aluminum alloys, helping it shave several hundred pounds off the weight of its predecessor — starts off at $26,615 for the XL trim. That’s a premium of $395 once the $1,195 shipping and destination fee is applied. 

That doesn’t sound like much, but with the exception of the XLT model and its relatively modest $340 uptick to $31,890, the prices for the new F-150 only soar north. The most expensive F-150, the Platinum model that boasts a starting price of $52,155 (including the $1,195 shipping), is staring down the barrel of a $3,055 price increase over the equivalent model from 2014. 

The price swells reach an apex with the King Ranch edition, which starts at a lofty $49,690 — a $3,615 spike over the pricing of the King Ranch edition from 2014. Over the range, consumers can expect to pay 1 to 8 percent more for a new F-150 than they would have for a 2014 model.