5 Cars Built to Withstand the Zombie Apocalypse

The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Source: AMC

As far as horror sub-genres go, tales about flesh-eating hordes of undead wreaking havoc on the living continue to be a huge hit for both movie and TV fans alike. With all-star smash hits like AMC’s The Walking Dead standing strong next to films like World War Z, there’s no denying the fact that as a culture, we eat up all things zombie-related faster than you can say the word “brains.”

Whether you prefer to watch classics like Romero’s 1978 breakthrough hit Dawn of the Dead, or a CGI gore fest series like Resident Evil, there’s one key component to most zombie flicks that always plays a crucial role: a getaway car. Heading out on foot (especially at night) isn’t an advisable option for anyone looking to save their skin, so a solid set of wheels is a must when the chips are down and it’s time to get the hell out of Dodge.

So if the end were nigh and you had to grab one set of keys, what would you opt for? For argument’s sake, let’s imagine that when the zombie apocalypse happens, you happen to be at an extreme off-road car lot. There are tons of options available but you can only pick one, and there’s no going back. Every vehicle has its pros and cons, but you need a set of wheels fast, because the hungry horde is now on the sales floor and you still have to pick up some Pampers before heading back to the fortress.

Fortunately for you, we’ve selected a few vehicles we’d want on that lot to outrun the legions of the damned. This way, you can choose which vehicle would be best for your driving preferences and chances of survival. Now the only question is: Would you rather have something lightweight and fast, or would it be better to be a little slower but a lot more protected? For now, there’s no right or wrong answer — just pros, cons, loads of firepower, and that imaginary swarm of zombies.