Craigslist Chicago: 10 Cars Al Capone May Have Driven

Al Capone's booth

Al Capone’s booth at the Green Mill | Source

Chicago, Chitown, The Windy City. Home of ‘Da Bears, ‘Da Bulls, the White Sox, Cubbies, and former home of Al Capone. With more than 10 million residents, the Chicago metropolitan area has a rich and varied history to rival that of any city in the United States. Despite the passage of time, everyone likes to talk about the organized crime history of the city. Some even collect gangster memorabilia. To do that, they often spend hours searching Craigslist Chicago for rare or interesting finds.

As we all know, Craigslist is a veritable cornucopia of the unique, interesting, and bizarre. You can shop for, buy, sell, or discuss nearly anything. Granted, there are a few limitations: illegal drugs and guns are off limits; but other than that, shoppers can find almost anything.

Craigslist Chicago: Gangland cars come to life

Organized crime ran nearly every large city in the United States at one point or another. For Chicago, the peak of the mob’s power may have been during the Prohibition Era. The period between 1920 and 1933 was a financial boon to those willing to ignore the law. Despite federal restrictions, alcohol flowed and underground clubs called speakeasies flourished. One of the controlling figures of the time was Alphonse Gabriel ”Al” Capone. Capone was a man known for his personal style and viciousness. His gang was known for their sleek, fast cars and a ruthlessness that rivaled that of their boss. Just thinking about the man, the speakeasies, and the cars is enough to make you wish for a time gone by.

The era often makes people wax nostalgic. It was a time when Americans were carefree, drove fantastic cars, and enjoyed itself with abandon. One way to bring some of that nostalgia to life is to buy a car from the period. Many Chicago residents already have the car of their choice at home, but others are still searching. One of the best places to search for a car from the Prohibition Era is Craigslist Chicago.

There are hundreds of pages to be searched. For some of the more interesting finds, keep reading.

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