12 Deadliest Cars and Trucks on the Road Today

Car accident

The most dangerous vehicles for drivers are a mix of small cars and Chevy trucks | Nestor Bachmann/AFP/Getty Images

Used car shoppers have a lot to consider. Once you figure out your budget, it’s probably worth checking the list of most reliable vehicles on the road. Three or four years after they roll off the lot new, testing agencies have an idea how they hold up in real-world driving. Of course, you can never ignore safety issues, especially if you are buying a car for someone in your family.

Every four years, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) does the grim work of revealing the vehicles involved in the highest number of driver deaths. Though cars get safer by the year, there is no way to make a model from previous years safer. While you shop, it’s worth noting which ones turned out to be the most dangerous for drivers.

The IIHS bases its numbers on driver deaths per million vehicles registered and used the 2011 model year as the barometer. (Passenger deaths are not counted in these numbers.) We feel obliged to note the four automakers that produced the 10 deadliest cars for drivers prior to 2009 all returned for the latest list. Automobiles by Chevrolet, Kia, Hyundai, and Nissan had more driver deaths per capita than any others on U.S. roads since 2009.

Here are the 12 vehicles that claimed the most lives, according to IIHS data.