2017 Dodge Challenger GT: An AWD Cure for the Muscle Car Conundrum


2017 Dodge Challenger GT

2017 Dodge Challenger GT in ToRed | Nick Kurczewski/Autos Cheat Sheet

The Dodge Demon is getting all the hype, but the Challenger GT might have just revolutionized the muscle car market in a way no lightweight, performance-crazed, supercharged Hemi ever could. The 2017 Dodge Challenger GT takes all the looks and most of the muscle you’d want in an American performance coupe, then blends in the convenience and practicality of all-wheel drive.

This is a car that could save marriages, ladies and gentlemen. Suddenly, the argument to own an American muscle machine has become that much simpler.

The Challenger GT still looks like a true muscle car, so don’t worry. About the only thing that announces the GT as the all-wheel-drive model are teeny-tiny “GT” emblems on the front fenders. This incognito approach is quite cool, and it could sway some buyers who want the “sensible” version but don’t necessarily need to announce it to the world.

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