Hyundai Ioniq Electric Vehicle: 124 Miles With Its Eye on 200

2017 Ioniq Electric Vehicle

With impressive range for its debut and plans to hit 200 miles by 2018, Hyundai is going all-in with Ioniq EV | Hyundai

Hyundai currently features only one plug-in vehicle in its entire lineup, but the automaker plans to become a force in green cars soon. The program begins with the debut of the Hyundai Ioniq electric vehicle and hybrid due in early 2017. However, the automaker went on the record saying its new EV was just a pit stop on the path to 200 miles and competition with top brands in the electric car business.

A high-ranking official in Hyundai’s eco-vehicle performance group told members of the press in early November that the Ioniq’s EV range will exceed 124 miles while acknowledging it “is not enough,” Automotive News reports. He added that the manufacturer plans to extend Ioniq’s range to “more than 200 [miles] by 2018.”

By then, the electric vehicle market will look quite different. Following the release of the Chevrolet Bolt EV in 2016, Tesla Model 3 in 2017, and products from Nissan and possibly Volkswagen by 2018, Hyundai will be playing in a crowded field. But 124 miles is plenty of range at the present moment and, depending on the price point, could prove popular with consumers. Let’s look at what 124 miles would mean when the confirmed Ioniq EV arrives early next year.

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