‘Lincoln Lawyer’ to Lincoln Cars: Can Matt McConaughey Save the Brand?

For many, it’s difficult to separate actor Matthew McConaughey from his role as David Wooderson in 1993′s Dazed and Confused, his iconic portrayal of the 20-something who still gets his kicks hanging out with high schoolers. The versatile actor has come a long way since then, and displayed his abilities to be serious in more recent movies like Mud, Dallas Buyers Club, and has garnered recognition for his part opposite Woody Harrelson in True Detective. For his latest project, McConaughey will be pitching for Ford’s (NYSE:F) Lincoln brand in a bid to boost sales.

McConaughey will first be starring in a spot promoting the new Lincoln MKC crossover, an SUV based on the Ford Escape that could prove to be one of Lincoln’s most valuable additions to its lineup. The actor will be on board with Lincoln for two years.

“The MKC is the most promising product they have and they’re looking for a way to break through,” Michelle Krebs, a senior analyst for researcher Autotrader.com, told Bloomberg. “Matthew McConaughey is contemporary and he’s hot right now.” She added that Lincoln “lacks the edge and hipness McConaughey conveys,” and that the struggling luxury division is likely counting on McConaughey’s “edginess to attract attention to an auto brand forgotten by many,” Bloomberg quoted her as saying.

“Authenticity is a word that kept coming up in our initial meetings. It was clear from the start they appreciated me as an individual first and foremost, and I would be able to be myself in this collaboration,” McConaughey was quoted as saying in Lincoln’s press statement. He was described as “a longtime admirer of Lincoln.”

“Lincoln is an iconic, American brand, and I like where they are heading with their transformation. I had the chance to drive the new MKC around Texas and I think they’re doing a good job,” he continued.