Living Large: The World’s 20 Fastest Luxury Cars


For generations, automakers the world-over have been trying to strike the perfect balance between luxury and speed. Some have turned their focus toward more comfortable and feature-heavy models, while others have set their sights on rigorous performance goals. Still others have been able to walk the ambiguous line between sports and luxury cars to create some of the most impressive machines to ever touch wheels to asphalt.

As motor vehicle technology has progressed into the 21st century, speed barriers have been falling like never before. Vehicles now are able to attain speeds never before thought possible, and from street-legal models nonetheless. While there are countless concept and modified models that can push the boundaries even further, the core of the luxury car market is still stuffed with blindingly-fast vehicles.

Here are the world’s twenty fastest luxury cars, with exceptions made for modified models, or cars that have extremely-low production numbers (like the Lamborghini Veneno, or virtually any car from Swedish outfit Koenigsegg) in addition to concepts. All of these cars walk the line between sport and luxury, but are able to pull off the best of both worlds with a graceful essence.