The 10 Fastest Acura Vehicles of All Time

The 10 Fastest Acura Models

Source: Acura

Acura, the luxury line from Honda (NYSE:HMC), has come a long way over the past two and a half decades to become one of the world’s most recognizable brands.

The company has produced massively popular cars like the Integra, and has gained notoriety through different media channels, including film (The Fast and the Furious series) and music, in which rapper the Notorious B.I.G. wrote lyrics calling out the brand’s name. With time, Acura vehicles have only become more refined, and sales have grown. Today, it’s difficult to pull into a parking lot in America without seeing the logo adorning the grill of at least one vehicle.

From sporty little coupes to spacious SUVs, Acura has broadened its scope over the years to become more accessible to consumers. The company’s products aren’t typically known for setting speed records or getting off the beaten path. That doesn’t mean that Acura vehicles aren’t some of the more capable and efficient around, though. Next year, a new variant of the company’s NSX model is slated to hit dealerships, and it will immediately become one its the fastest vehicles available. Until then, there are still several models that can hit impressive speeds.

Here are the 10 fastest Acura models of all time. These models are ranked according to their top speed, and also take into account factors like quickness and power. Read on to see the list.