10 Production Cars That Hit 0-60 the Quickest

Front view of Bugatti Chiron

Bugatti Chiron | Bugatti

We’re entering a bold new era of performance. Thanks to technological breakthroughs that seemingly¬†happen every year, and the rapid maturation of hybrid technology, cars are getting faster than ever before. If we wrote this article 10 years ago, chances are there would be a few cars from the ’90s, and maybe even the ’80s on it. But the oldest machine you’ll find here is a sprightly six years old, and, in a few years, we wouldn’t be surprised if it failed to crack the top 10 at all.

Top speed has always been a big deal, but for the first time in history, we’re running out of roads to test it on. The Bugatti Chiron (above) has a top speed of 261 miles per hour, but that number is largely theoretical, since there are so few roads anywhere in the world that are long and flat enough¬†to safely handle it. So as top speed becomes an abstract figure, we wanted to focus on something that’s still very real: zero to 60 times.

The only problem is that we’re fast approaching the wall for that too. Factoring in things like g-forces (like you would in a fighter jet), driver reaction times, traction, and braking technology, the fastest theoretical zero to 60 time in a street car is 2.05 seconds. Read on, because these 10 production cars come incredibly close to hitting that mark.

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