Subaru’s 15 Fastest Cars of All Time

SubaruWRX Subaru is known for building some of the most capable and versatile vehicles in the world. If you’re planning on doing some off-roading or rally driving, chances are Subaru has been near the top of the list of vehicles to check out. Popular models like the Impreza, the WRX and the Outback are favorites of outdoors enthusiasts around the world, and every year that passes brings about new technology and even more innovation from the company’s engineering labs.

While the company doesn’t produce sport or luxury cars per se, it can be said that they do produce performance vehicles. In fact, performance is the main reason customers flock to Subaru’s lineup, as they successfully piece together capability with speed. The company doesn’t make any vehicles that can keep up with the likes of Chevrolet, Ferrari or BMW, but none of those automakers build vehicles that can really live up to the abilities many Subaru vehicles possess.

Here, we’re taking a look at the fastest vehicles Subaru has put on the market so far. Most of the company’s cars are governed to specific top speeds with electronic limiters, so we’re using the acceleration time, from 0-60 miles per hour, to compile the rankings. Naturally, Subaru vehicles are typically built for handling prowess and capability, but we used the 0-60 times to develop the rankings, as we really lacked a superior method. There are absences in the list, for concept models, one-offs and heavily-modified vehicles.

Some models, like the WRX STI ts Type RA and the Legacy Turbo models from the early 1990s simply didn’t have reliable performance statistics available. So here they are, the fifteen fastest Subaru models to ever hit the market.

Read on to see the list.

*Editors’ Note: this article has been updated to address some factual errors that were present in the prior version. We appreciate our readers’ diligence, and thank them for pointing it out to us.