The 10 Fastest Cars From Lexus

The Lexus GS F is a prime example of what a classically trained high horsepower sport sedan should look like | Micah Wright/Autos Cheat Sheet

Having already broken into the American auto market by the 1980s, Toyota found itself itself in a peculiar position. It was the Reagan era, Japan’s largest automaker was flush with cash, and had come to the realization that the American luxury market was being overrun by forgettable automobiles and European offerings. So the Japanese giant put its top teams to task, and before long a company called Lexus was born, a brand that in turn birthed two sedans in 1989.

Less than thirteen years later Lexus had the best selling luxury car and luxury SUV in America, and had become a staple of affluent neighborhoods across the country. Practicality, reliability, safety, cabin comforts, and a fuel-efficient, extremely tranquil ride had made Lexus incredibly successful, giving it an edge over virtually all of its competitors.

But for years, critics and consumers alike were nonplussed by the automaker’s disinterest in producing performance vehicles, something Lexus took to heart. In the fall of 2008, the 416 horsepower IS F was unleashed on American streets to great fanfare, a testament to what’s possible when some passion pushes the bean counters out of the way. The V8-powered sport sedan was followed four years later by the LFA, a supercar that was limited to 500 units and commanded a price of $375,000.

Flash-forward another four years and Toyota President Akio Toyoda has officially decreed, “No more boring cars.” While this undoubtedly pertains to Lexus and its parent company Toyota alike, we’ve opted to focus on just the luxury automaker today. Lexus really has been on a roll since 2008, and after calculating acceleration to sixty times, we’ve come up with ten clear winners that prove it.

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