10 Best High-Tech Cars Under $20,000

Source: Thinkstock

Source: Thinkstock

Back in the day, when you bought an economy car, it was just that — an economy car. Lower safety standards and limited in-cabin technology helped keep prices down, while luxury vehicles enjoyed the full slate of power windows, air conditioning, premium audio, and so on. But my, how times have changed.

These days, even the most affordable of cars can be had with all the accouterments that you’d find in a high-end luxury barge just 10 or 15 years ago. GPS? Yep, on a decently sized screen, too. A/C, absolutely. Power everything and cruise control? Without a doubt. Only now there’s even more to be had — Bluetooth, iPhone connectivity, additional safety features — and like the technology before it, it’s trickling down to the entry-level models.

The Kelley Blue Book did some research to find out what the most tech-laden cars were that still fell under $20,000. While the results might not surprise you — it’s the usual suspects of affordable cars — what they come with just might.

“Entry-level has gone sci-fi. High-dollar tech continues to trickle down at an accelerating rate, and today’s mainstream compact cars now offer features unavailable at any price just a few years ago,” the Kelley Blue Book explained. “You might have to part with more than $20,000 to acquire some of the advancements highlighted on this list, but every model listed starts at a Kelley Blue Book Fair Purchase Price of less than $20,000 as of August 2014.”

Read on to find what can be had for less than twenty grand.