The 15 Fastest Fords of All Time

Source: Ford

There are few other automakers that can match up to the storied history of Ford (NYSE:F). Not only was Ford one of the pioneers in auto manufacturing, but the company led the way in terms of large-scale industrialization from its Michigan headquarters through the early years of the 20th century. Its founding dates all the way back to 1903, when Henry Ford set up shop in a converted factory and laid the groundwork for one of the greatest American businesses of all time.

Ford is currently one of the biggest car companies in the world, holding different brands and manufacturing centers all across the world. The company has been on the forefront of introducing new technology, and recently has made waves with its hybrid and aluminum vehicles that are not only reliable, but incredibly economical. Not to mention that Ford is the producer of the longtime American best-selling vehicle, the F-150 pickup truck.

While Ford has definitely carved themselves a niche in the pickup and SUV markets, it has also put some of the world’s most fearsome muscle cars as well. The storied Mustang has seen decades of production, and many different facelifts and variants. There have also been some attempts at racing cars as well, capable of both incredible speed and power. While Ford really hasn’t sunk a lot of effort into creating sports cars per se, the company has still produced some fearsome machines.

So, what are Ford’s fastest, you ask? We’ve compiled them right here for you, ranked by the quickest time from 0-60 miles per hour, for lack of a better, more encompassing metric. Since Ford doesn’t provide testing data on their own, the information and performance stats are from third-party reviews and experiences. Also, third-party modified models, race cars and one-offs were excluded.

Read on to see Ford’s fifteen fastest cars of all time.