The 15 Fastest Four-Cylinder Cars

Subaru BRZ

You don’t always need a big engine to achieve big speed. Modern automotive technology has rounded the corner, and engineers have found ways to achieve incredible performance with less and less. These days, four-cylinder engines come in a myriad of different shapes and forms, and they are used to power some of the most popular and stylish cars on the road today. Cars aimed at the budget-minded consumer to luxury lovers are finding a new affinity for four-cylinder motors, and with good reason.

Four-cylinder engines have evolved to the point where several models can use them to routinely hit speeds of more than 150 miles per hour. Several auto makers are starting to use the smaller motors to make some classic models more efficient, as in the case of some classic muscle cars like the Ford (NYSE:F) Mustang. As most consumers aren’t typically looking to push their cars to the limit, a four-cylinder engine is more than enough to get the performance they need.

Here we take a look at the 15 fastest models that are outfitted with a four-cylinder engine. These engines come in different variations, such as inline-four and flat-four, and they were all included if they fit the criteria. Modified models and specially crafted one-offs were also excluded to maintain the integrity of the list and keep it to production vehicles only.

Read on the see the 15 fastest cars utilizing a four-cylinder engine.