15 Fastest Mazda Cars of All Time

2011 Mazda RX-8 Spirit

| Mazda

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Mazda, specifically, has etched its name in automotive lore by specializing in small, sporty, and quick cars that offer drivers not only a thrilling experience, but also top-notch efficiency and scalpel-like precision handling. Over the years, Mazda has become known for vehicles like the Miata, the 3 and 6 model sedans, and the RX. Although the company has never produced cars meant to compete with the likes of Ferrari or Aston Martin, consumers have looked toward the Mazda line for affordable

Several models were not released in the United States, and instead could only be found in Japan or even Australia. There have been dozens of variations released over the years, as well, not all of which had available performance data. Because of that, some models are not included on the list, like RX-7 Type RZ. Concept models and one-offs were also not considered.

The list was populated using available data from reputable auto industry reviews, as well as company data from Mazda itself. The main figure used to calculate the rankings was acceleration time from 0-60 miles per hour, but top speed and horsepower were also taken into account.

Read on to see Mazda’s 15 fastest cars of all time.

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