The 5 Fastest Dirt Bikes in the World

For motorcycles meant to deliver thrills off paved roads, reaching blistering high speeds may seem like an afterthought. Jumps, skids, and climbs provide enough excitement for years of dirt bike riding.

Then again, there is no stopping the thrill of accelerating to top speeds on an open stretch of land. Dirt bikes with full off-road capabilities can manage speeds well over 100 mph with the right rider and conditions. Here are the five fastest dirt motor bikes in the world.


5. Honda CRF 450R (87 mph)

Many dirt bike enthusiasts say the Honda CRF 450R can beat any other dirt bike in a race with the right rider in control. Honda’s 2014 model brings in more oil flow for better response from the air fork while shaving 2 pounds off the curb weight, bringing it down to 243 pounds. The result is a bike made to win races with agility and surperior handling.

The 449cc liquid-cooled engine provides the power when there is a straight shot for riders. Racers have hit 87 mph riding the CFR 450R, which makes it one of the fastest bikes on the planet.