The 7 Deadliest Racing Circuits in the World


In the entertainment world, there are few activities more dangerous and more filled with risk for life and finances than racing. The amount of danger that the drivers put themselves into for the sake of sport surpasses nearly that of every other game that is as organized as automotive or motorcycle racing.

Just this passed weekend, veteran motorcyclist Bobby Goodin was killed following an accident at the legendary Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, when he raised his hand to celebrate making it to the finish, and lost control of the front end on the unpaved section at the top. The bike veered right, Goodin was thrown over the edge, and he landed among several boulders.

That’s the fifth racing-related death to occur at Pikes Peak, the last one being in 2005, Autoblog said. And as tragic as that is, it doesn’t crack the top seven deadliest venues for racing — in fact, seventh place has over four times the number of driver casualties as Pikes Peak. Here they are — seven of the deadliest racing venues in the world, which have taken so many from what is truly one of the few global sports.

A tip of the hat to the guys at Autoblog for providing a solid foundation for this material. You can check out their report here. Read on after the jump.